The first robot vacuum cleaner arrives with imminent Matter support

The SwitchBot Mini K10+ robot vacuum cleaner comes out today - and it will have Matter support by January.

Switchbot k10
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If you've ever caught yourself thinking in despair, "Man, I wish my robot vacuum cleaner would have Matter support!" (as you do), then you're in luck.

The SwitchBot Mini K10+ robot vacuum cleaner can be all yours for $499.99. Amazon even gives you a $100 discount coupon so it becomes even cheaper.

If you're someone who totally devours stats on vacuum cleaners (and who doesn't enjoy a good vacuum cleaner stat every now and then?), here's the low-down on what you can expect for your money.

  • Self-empty base for 70 days of cleaning.
  • LiDAR navigation.
  • Smart mapping.
  • 2500Pa suction.
  • 48dB Ultra Quiet.
  • 150Mins max.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • 2.4G WiFi connected.

But the reason you're reading about this here is that the company is promising that the Switchbot Mini K10+ will become compatible with Matter in only a couple of months. Then you can go all vacuum cleaner crazy by using whatever device from whatever platform your heart desires.

Customer reviews are very positive with people saying that the robot cleaner is rather small but it cleans better than any other vacuum cleaner. Plus, its small size means it can fit into all those awkward corners to catch all those biscuit crumbs.