Welov P200 Pro Smart Air Purifier

The P200 Pro is the first ever Matter-certified air purifier, and packed full of smart features like an air quality sensor for autonomous operation.

Aidot p200 pro air purifier


CategoryAir Purifier
Product Pagehttps://www.aidot.com/p200s-air-purifier-for-home.html
Date Announced2024-02-27
Date Released2024-03-31
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The Welov P200 Pro from AiDot is the first Matter-certified air purifier—but that doesn't mean your smart home controller will support it. Google Home currently offers a basic fan speed control, while Apple is expected to add support in June 2024. 

However, even with limited Matter control possibilities, it's still and incredibly capable and smart air purifier, with built-in PM2.5 air quality sensor that automatically controls the fan speed. It also features extensive scheduling options, and a sleep mode. 

Three types of filters are available, with one specially designed for pet owners to neutralize odors, and one for VOCs and toxins, compared to the standard HEPA filter. 


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Manufacturer Part NumberP200 Pro
LabelAir Purifier
Power ConsumptionLogin to see data
Product Weight4017Grams
Product Height500Millimeters
Product Width240Millimeters
Product Depth240Millimeters
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