SwitchBot Prime Day Deals 2024: Matter-Compatible Hub Mini, Curtains, Lock Pro, Robovacs, and More

Been waiting for a bargain on SwitchBot devices? Now's the time to buy at deep discounts.

Switchbot prime deals featured

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If you’ve been looking to bring your SwitchBot devices into Matter, or to retrofit automation for your curtains, I’ve got some great news: you can grab a bargain starting from today, and running through to July 17th!

At a glance, the Switchbot deals are:

In addition, you can use the code 5OFFNSPDSB to get 5% extra off your purchase!

For Matter support on most SwitchBot products, you’ll need a Hub Mini Matter-Enabled or Hub 2 within Bluetooth range of any other SwitchBot devices that you want to bridge. While we don’t have specific details of any discounts on these devices, we have been told there will be up to 40% off “other devices” in the SwitchBot range. We’ll update once we know more.

Curtain 3 - 30% off

Switchbot curtain

With enough power to push along even the heaviest of curtain fabrics, the Curtain 3 is available in a variety of models to fit all kinds of curtain rails or tracks. Since it runs on Bluetooth, you’ll need a Hub 2 or Hub Mini (Matter-Enabled Version) to automate using your Matter controller—but even without Matter, you can set a schedule on the device itself. The battery should last a few months, but if you don’t want to think about recharging them, just add a solar panel module to each one. Remember, you’ll need a pair of Curtain 3 devices to automate most centre-closing curtains. 

At a regular price of $90, these will be available for $67.50 from July 9th, dropping to an even bigger discount at $63 on Prime Day. 

Lock Pro, Hub Mini Matter-Enabled, and Keypad Touch - 30% off

Switchbot lock pro

This bundle deal contains the smart lock, a Hub Mini to bridge your lock into Matter, and a keypad for access control—featuring a touch keypad, fingerprint reader, and NFC card access. The Lock Pro fits over your existing deadbolt to ensure wide compatibility without modifying your door, and it should run for at least six months on just four AA batteries.

Normally $200, it will be discounted to $140 from July 9th. 

Universal Remote - 20% Off

Switchbot universal remote

Controlling up to 25 infra-red appliances and offering 10 scene memory, the SwitchBot Universal Remote makes all your appliances smart and solves the daily riddle of “which remote does what?” 

It’s not just infra-red either; the Universal Remote also works with your SwitchBot Bluetooth devices, so you can shut the curtains or lock the door. Lost the remote down the back of sofa? No worries, just use the Find My Remote feature in the app. 
Note that you’ll need a Hub Mini or Hub 2 to bring the universal remote into Matter, and that not all remote functions are supported via Matter. 

Floor Cleaning Robot S10 - 33% off

S10 01 dual station

The S10 is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-in-one floor-cleaning robot. Handling wet mopping and vacuuming, it’ll return home to charge, empty its dustbin, clean its mops, drain its water tank, and refill for its next exciting cleaning adventure. And, of course, it includes all the latest features you’ve come to expect from smart vacuums, like room mapping and obstacle avoidance. The S10 is Matter-compatible by itself, though you’ll need a controller that supports Matter 1.2. 

Usually $1200, you can get a massive discount to $800.

Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ - 20% off

Switchbot k10 plus

If you don’t need the mopping capability, the K10+ offers a powerful vacuum and self-emptying station at a much cheaper price point. Normally $400, it’ll be $320 from July 9th, and down to $300 on Prime Day.

There's never been a better time to automate the dumb stuff

I’m a big fan of SwitchBot, whether it’s for sustainable climate control by automatically closing or opening the curtains on a hot day, or just pushing buttons for me. The Hub 2 not only adds Matter support to your SwitchBot devices, and includes a temperature and humidity sensor, it even includes infra-red device control, so if you’re happy to forgo a physical remote but still want to automate some old infra-red appliances, the Hub 2 is an essential purchase.