All Matter Gateway Products

The Gateway, a Matter-compatible device type, functions as a central hub for connecting and managing a collection of smart home endpoints. It uses clusters like the Actions cluster to control and harmonize operations of the devices listed in its PartsList.

In the Matter smart home ecosystem, the Gateway plays a pivotal role as a central hub that aggregates multiple endpoints, which are individual devices or components within the smart home network. This aggregation is essential for efficiently managing a diverse range of connected devices, bringing together their functionalities under a unified system.

The Gateway employs various clusters, with the Actions cluster being a notable example, to provide centralized control and coordination for the activities of the descendant endpoints. These endpoints are enumerated in the Gateway's PartsList, allowing for seamless management of different devices and functions in the smart home environment.

The primary function of the Gateway is to aggregate and simplify the control of a collection of endpoints, enhancing the ease of use for homeowners. This centralized control is invaluable for a variety of applications, whether it's managing a group of smart lights, a network of sensors, or an array of multimedia devices.

When the Gateway is utilized as a collection of bridged nodes, it aligns with the "Bridge" section in the Matter System Model specification, ensuring efficient operation as a bridge within the smart home network. This feature enables the Gateway to facilitate communication and interoperability among a wide range of devices, transcending native protocols and manufacturer differences.

As a central hub in smart home technology, the Gateway offers a streamlined, integrated approach to managing various smart devices and functionalities, making it a cornerstone of modern, connected home environments.