Xinda Caupureye Smart Bulb

The Xinda Caupureye Smart Bulb is a Wi-Fi-enabled, color-adjustable LED light that supports the Matter protocol for enhanced compatibility with various smart home ecosystems.

Xinda caupureye smart bulb a19

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Date Released2023-11-16
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No more checking for the “Works With” HomeKit, Google Home, or Alexa badges; Our Matter Light Bulbs can work with all of them seamlessly. Compatible with your Alexa Echo, Apple TV, Home Pod, Google Home Speakers, and Nest Hub, the speed of response and stability of connection are greatly improved. No need for 3rd-party apps to control your smart bulbs is ideal for multiplatform homes. (Home Hub Required).

Simply Scan the smart light bulbs’ QR code via their Apps, connect them, and your smart light bulbs are ready for your voice command through Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Bixby. Matter light bulbs use the highest possible level of civilian cryptographic standards for network communications to protect your information. (Please use a stable 2.4GHz WiFi.)

After adding Caupureye smart light bulbs to your smart home, you can use the native smart home apps, smart home devices (Echo Speakers, Apple TV, HomePod, and Google Home), smart hubs (Nest Hub and SmartThings Hub), and voice assistants to manage your LED light bulbs, turn them on/off, or change their color and brightness. You can also add your LED light bulbs as a group and control them all with one command.

Caupureye smart light bulbs have millions of colors to choose from and various scenes to meet your daily needs. you can customize the RGB light bulbs' color, brightness, speed, and glide effects to create your personalized or special holiday scenes. Moreover, Caupureye smart light bulbs’ high CRI (>90) will greatly increase the color accuracy.

Schedule your smart bulbs to turn on/off on specific days and times to simplify your daily routines. The 3 primary types of tunable white (from 2700K - 6500K range), warm white, natural white, and daylight are ideal for wake-up light, reading, working, or applying makeup. (The smart bulbs do not work with dimmer switches.)

If you don't have any smart home devices as the home hub/controller, the smart light bulbs can also work with uHome+ APP directly.


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Manufacturer Part NumberXinda A19
LabelXinda Caupureye Smart Bulb