The 5 Best Matter-Compatible Plugs

Today, we're going to look at Matter-compatible smart plugs, showcasing the top 5 picks that stand out for their ease of use, feature set, and compatibility with multiple smart home platforms.

Matter smart home plug
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Matter, the next-generation connectivity standard for smart home devices, is poised to simplify and unify the way we control our connected home appliances. With its emphasis on interoperability, Matter promises to break down the barriers between different smart home ecosystems, allowing you to effortlessly control a vast array of devices from a single app or voice command. And smart plugs, the cornerstone of smart home automation, are among the first devices to embrace this new standard.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Matter-compatible smart plugs, showcasing the top 5 picks that stand out for their ease of use, feature set, and compatibility with multiple smart home platforms.

But first, what things do you need to bear in mind when choosing which product deserves your money the most?

Things to consider when choosing a Matter-compatible smart plug

When choosing a Matter-compatible plug, think about the following factors.

Ease of use

The plug should be easy to install and use, with a user-friendly app and straightforward setup. However, with Matter, this is not really a concern, since Matter prides itself on its ease of use and simple set-up.

Supported features

Ensure the plug offers features that align with your needs, such as voice control, scheduling, geofencing, and energy monitoring. There's no point buying a plug that has an array of features that you are never likely to use.


Confirm compatibility with your smart home ecosystem and voice assistants. Matter-compatible plugs should work seamlessly with multiple platforms.

Design and aesthetics

Choose a plug that complements your home's decor and fits the style of your power strips and outlets. Having something that sticks out in terms of shape and color is soon going to get annoying.


Consider your budget and compare the prices of different Matter-compatible plugs. The good news is that there are a wide variety of plugs at different price points.

Pros of Matter-compatible plugs

To encourage you to start thinking seriously about Matter-compatible plugs, let's examine the upsides of using them.


Matter enables plug-and-play compatibility with other Matter-certified devices, regardless of manufacturer or platform.

Simplified setup

Matter simplifies setup and configuration, reducing the hassle of dealing with multiple protocols and pairing methods.

Improved security

Matter incorporates enhanced security features, protecting your smart home network from cyberattacks and unauthorized access.


Matter ensures compatibility with future smart home devices and advancements in the smart home industry.

Cons of Matter-compatible plugs

But are there any downsides? Not that many, but you should be aware of the following.

Early adoption

As Matter is still a new standard, the availability of Matter-compatible devices may be limited.

Potential compatibility issues

Rare compatibility issues may arise with older smart home devices or platforms not fully updated to support Matter.


Matter-compatible devices may be slightly more expensive than older, non-Matter counterparts. Such is the cost of staying ahead of the tech curve!

Learning curve

Users who are accustomed to their current smart home systems may need to adapt to the new Matter protocol. However, Matter is so easy to use that this is not really something you should worry about.


Let's now dive into the top five recommended Matter-compatible smart plugs.

TP-Link Kasa KP125M Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim

Tplink tapo matter

TP-Link's Kasa KP125M Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim is a compact and versatile plug that seamlessly integrates with Matter, ensuring compatibility with all major smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Its sleek design and compact form factor blend seamlessly into any home décor, while its intuitive app and voice control capabilities make it a breeze to use.

Meross MSS115 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

Meross matter plug

Meross' MSS115 Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini delivers a balance of affordability and functionality.

This compact and lightweight plug offers essential smart features like voice control, scheduling, and remote access, all while maintaining compatibility with Matter, ensuring seamless integration with your existing smart home ecosystem.

CYNC Indoor Smart Plug

Cync indoor smart plug

GE's CYNC Indoor Smart Plug stands out for its versatility and compatibility. This plug can control both 15A appliances and 120V lights, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

It effortlessly integrates with Matter, allowing you to control it with your preferred smart home platform, whether it's Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit.

Kasa Smart Plug Mini EP25

Kasa smart plug

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini EP25 is a budget-friendly yet feature-packed option that embodies the essence of Matter-compatible smart plugs.

This plug offers essential features like voice control, scheduling, and energy monitoring, all while maintaining compatibility with Matter, ensuring seamless integration with your existing smart home setup.

Wyze Plug Outdoor

Wyze plug outdoor

For those seeking outdoor smart plug flexibility, the Wyze Plug Outdoor is an excellent choice.

This weatherproof plug can handle the elements, making it ideal for controlling outdoor lights, fountains, or any other outdoor equipment. Its Matter compatibility ensures seamless integration with your smart home ecosystem, whether you're indoors or out.