The Best Matter-Compatible Power Strips

As great as they are though, smart plugs are not always the best answer for every situation—especially when multiple devices are involved. When you need the versatility of smart plugs for your desk or behind a TV, you'll want to consider a Matter-compatible power strip.

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Through buying guides and reviews for products like Eve Energy, we are constantly singing the praises for smart plugs. We absolutely love how these devices can bring smart home conveniences to just about anything, and of course, how simple they are to operate.

As great as they are though, smart plugs are not always the best answer for every situation—especially when multiple devices are involved. When you need the versatility of smart plugs for your desk or behind a TV, you'll want to consider a Matter-compatible power strip.

What Is a Matter-Compatible Power Strip?

Meross smart power strip lifestyle

Matter-compatible power strips are a smart replacement for the tried and true office and living room staple. By adding smarts into the mix, Matter-compatible power strips provide multiple outlets—and sometimes USB ports—that enable controls for lights, fans, and more all from an app, voice, or automation.

With multiple outlets in one device, Matter-enabled strips eliminate the need for separate smart plugs and reduce visible wires in and around your home. They also introduce energy-saving opportunities by offering a way to power off devices that could be sipping power even when not in use.

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Although smart power strips have offered the same benefits for years, Matter-compatible options simplify the pairing process. For example, pairing a Matter-certified device to Apple Home only requires a scan of the included QR code to connect it to your smart home, with no additional apps or accounts needed in most cases.

Sharing a Matter power strip to other platforms or others in your household is also quick and easy. Matter's Multi-Admin feature allows you to generate additional pairing codes at any time, and with compatibility with all of the major smart home ecosystems and phones, everyone can access your power strip regardless of preferences.

What To Look For In Matter-Compatible Power Strips

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Before purchasing a Matter-compatible power strip, you'll want to take a few things into consideration. We suggest looking at factors like budget, design, features, and platform.

  • Budget: Pricing for most smart power strips ranges anywhere from $20-$100. If you just want basic on-and-off functionality, you may be able to save.
  • Design: Consider the placement of your potential power strip. If your furniture is in front of an outlet, you'll want a strip with a flat plug head or a solution that doesn't have an external cord.
  • Features: Some power strips include extras like USB ports that can replace bulky charging blocks. Others feature conveniences such as built-in lights and on-device controls.
  • Platform: Matter compatibility means you won't need to worry about voice assistant integration. However, additional benefits may be available by sticking to vendors you already have devices from.

The Top Matter-Compatible Power Strips

With the Matter standard still being relatively new, there are only a couple of power strip options available at this time. We'll update this guide as new releases hit the scene, and you can refer to our product database to see a complete list of all Matter-certified devices.

XENON Matter Power Strip

Xenon matter power strip

The XENON Matter Power Strip features a bevy of ports making it a great fit for underneath a desk, TV cabinet, and more. This power strip connects directly to your Matter smart home via Wi-Fi, so you won't need to shell out for an additional hub.

Available ports include four standard 10-amp North American outlets and four handy 2.1-amp USB-A ports. Combined with generous spacing between each outlet and a five-foot cord, this strip will surely help reduce clutter and keep your space looking clean.

TP-Link Tapo Matter Outdoor Smart Plug

Tapo matter outdoor smart plug

If you need to power multiple devices outside, then the Tapo P400M is your best bet. Thanks to an IP65 weather resistance rating, Tapo's strip can withstand bursts of water and dust, and it operates safely year-round in temperatures ranging from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The P400M offers two independently controlled outlets that you can toggle through your preferred smart home assistant or via the conveniently placed on-device buttons. And like all Matter devices, you'll only need to scan the included pairing code to get it connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Alternative Smart Power Strip Options

While they are not Matter-certified, the following power strips work with all the major smart home platforms, so you can still slot them in alongside your other devices in automation and routines. Here are a few of our top picks.

Meross Smart Plug Power Strip

Meross smart plug power strip

Similar to the XENON Matter Power Strip, this smart solution from meross gives you more than just a set of standard outlets. In addition to four independently controlled 15-amp 120-volt outlets, the meross Smart Plug Power Strip includes four USB-A outlets that you can toggle at will as a group.

Other highlights include a lengthy six-foot power cord, wall mount slots, and a flat plug that allows for placement behind furniture. Plus, with Wi-Fi connectivity that works with Alexa, Google, and Apple HomeKit, you won't need to worry about compatibility in the future.

Meross Smart Fast Charging Power Strip, MSP843P

Meross smart fast charging power strip msp843p

Smart home enthusiasts in the U.K. can get in on the multiport action too, with the meross MSP843P Smart Power Strip. While it shares many of the same features as its North American counterpart such as four independently controlled outlets and a flat plug-head, two huge upgrades make it the superior option.

The first is the inclusion of two fast-charging USB-C ports with power delivery, controllable in a group with the lone USB-A port. The second is the switch to GaN technology inside that allows it to operate more efficiently, all while generating less heat.

TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Outlet Extender

Tapo p306 smart wifi outlet extender

The Tapo P306 Smart Plug Outlet Extender provides all the benefits of a power strip but comes in a compact design that rests neatly on the wall. Simply plug this strip in and you'll instantly gain access to three smart outlets, three always-on outlets, one USB-C port, and two USB-A ports.

If all of that wasn't enough, the P306 also includes a built-in path light that automatically activates at night. And it even features a phone holder on top so you can use it to keep your personal devices up and off the ground.

Go Smart and Save With a Matter-Compatible Power Strip

With their ability to provide multiple ports in an all-in-one package, the best Matter-compatible power strips are essential for keeping your smart home organized. These clever solutions may save you some money too with scheduling capabilities, or just by not having to purchase a smart plug for each device on your desk.