Philips Hue Bridge

The Philips Hue Bridge, a gateway device by Signify, uses Zigbee for instant light response and enables Matter, a universal smart home standard, allowing seamless integration with other smart home brands and ensuring your lighting and accessories are always connected, even when Wi-Fi is down.

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Date Released2015-12-22
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The Philips Hue Bridge is the brain behind the Hue system. With a secure and stable connection, the Bridge uses the Zigbee mesh to provide instant control of your Hue lights and accessories without putting a strain on your Wi-Fi.

The Bridge unlocks the full power of Philips Hue. Get the full suite of smart lighting features, including automations, the ability to control up to 50 lights and accessories inside and outside your home, and smart control from anywhere in the world.

Level up your home entertainment when you add a Bridge. The Bridge makes it possible to enjoy real-time surround lighting in perfect sync with your TV screen, PC monitor, or even your favorite music. Make your lights dance, flash, dim and brighten along to your favorite movies, TV shows, PC or console games, and music.

Make your home a true smart home with Hue. Integrations with other smart home brands and products are made possible with the Bridge. Now you can control your Hue lights with other compatible, integrated smart home devices and apps for the ultimate smart home convenience. Control your lights from anywhere that you have an internet or cellular connection.

Forgot to turn off the lights before vacation? No problem! You can turn them off or set an away from home automation that makes it look like you are home. Want light that greets you when you come home in the dark? The Bridge lets you set geofencing that turns the lights on when you arrive home. Add up to 50 lights and accessories to a single Bridge and enjoy control in multiple rooms or custom zones.

When you add smart switches and sensors to your Bridge, you enjoy even more convenient ways to control your Hue lights in addition to using the app or your voice. The Hue Bridge supports Matter. Connect your lights and accessories to other smart home devices with Matter. The Bridge remembers all of your settings and customizations, even when the power is out. 


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